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Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Ke$ha - “Only Wanna Call You Maybe”

By request from Katherine.



they’re even about the same subject more or less. 

ETA: also, this part. CRJ: “Ripped jeans, skin was showing —” Ke$ha: “So?”

Y’know, part of me is tickled by this kinda thing, but the other part is like, “Duh, everyone, this is what pop music has been like since the 1950s. People don’t mash-up Muddy Waters songs with Robert Johnson songs and go, ‘THEY’RE THE SAAAME SOOOOONGGGG!’” But that’s also because the zeitgeist doesn’t care about Muddy Waters or Robert Johnson all that much (a neverending tragedy in itself).

Eh, that’s not really the intention. Of course lots of songs are “the same song” — but only some songs tickle you to combine ‘em! (I don’t think this is a great mash-up — not enough difference for interesting contrast.) But the point is more to satisfy an itch you get listening to one song or the other. You get the mental mash-up out of your head by making it a reality.