Cure for Bedbugs

Now, a LOT of you are probably thinking, “Dave, what on earth is the difference between horsefart (h/t Kat) and stupid shit?” That’s easy. Nearly all horsefart has some element of stupid shit in it, but not all stupid shit is horsefart.

FOR INSTANCE, Lil Chuckee’s “Wop” is both stupid shit and horsefart. But Key Swag 3000’s “Poof” (yo, still paging Kat on this one!) is only stupid shit (not horsefart).

Since trollgaze sets off my intentional fallacy alarm bells, I suggest we rename trollgaze to horsefart. Except that not all horsefart is trollgaze! So that won’t work. Anyway, I doubt I’d be too interested in any trollgaze that was not also horsefart. Who would?

Oddly enough, the Adele/Daft Punk thang is horsefart, even though it is not stupid shit. A rarity. As a SRS ARTST I obviously relegate my creative output entirely to horsefart, even though not everything I do is stupid shit. When horsefart transcends stupid shit, lives change. Something like that, anyway.

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