Cure for Bedbugs

Jul 30

“Do you feel confident that that Play Mat is not going to collapse on our child?” — My wife has the best ways of calling me an idiot.

Jul 28

“Funny: I once sat on a panel with Adam Mansbach, the author of the best-selling parody “Go the F— to Sleep.” At one point in the discussion, he conceded that his partner put his child to bed most nights. He may have written a book about the tyranny of toddlers at bedtime, but in his house, it was mainly Mom’s problem.” — Jennifer Senior’s All Joy and No Fun is great — in some cases better than the source material it draws heavily from (I couldn’t get through The Philosophical Baby) — but I wanted to specially excerpt this here. Available in a chapter(ish) she published at WSJ.

In other news Hilarity Duff is making the comeback from her comeback (motherfuckers didn’t act like they forgot about Dignity but they actually, in fact, forgot about it, I guess) and Vulture tried to insult her by saying it sounds like Paris Hilton singing a Sheryl Crow song. Is there such a thing as a backhanded insult?

Anyway, she still sounds like an android built to star in a DCOM, which tells you exactly nothing about whether or not the track is any good (it’s not really but OK). This site seems to have a working link.

Look I don’t wanna toot my own horn here (lol right) but I picked this out of a blind taste test on Spotify randomly shuffling through an enormous playlist full of terrible, terrible new music while bottle-feeding an infant. I didn’t google it until the next day. I feel like I’m becoming one with the universe here.

EDIT: OK, OK, I googled it like ten minutes later w/e, the point is I KNEW, man.


Jul 18

From the Archives: Ashlee Simpson

This interview with John Shanks prompted a re-post of a few Bedbugs things that were nuked from the Blogspot site. This post from October 2007 was originally part of an immediately abandoned series called “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me,” in which I was going to listen to all of my c. 1000 albums to figure out which ones to sell. The very first album a random number generator told me to listen to was Autobiography by Ashlee Simpson, ostensibly the album that spurred the project (that is, I was avoiding writing about Autobiography, an album that not only would I never sell, but would in fact give away to literally anyone who inquired about it and then immediately re-purchase).

Ashlee Simpson - Autobiography

I’m not listening to it, not right now, anyway. (I listened to “Shadow” once to help describe the guitars at the end.) I’ve listened to this album at least 200 times. Maybe more than that, and that’s not counting individual tracks, which easily double it. Yeah, probably more. I listen to it almost every day in the summer, at least once a week every other season. I listened to it three times in a row last weekend.

Why do I want to write a book about this album? Why does GOD want me to write a book about this album, if his random number generators can be trusted, which for the purposes of this experiment they can?

(1) I think people will think I’m being ironic (in the sense that isn’t actually “ironic,” more like “smug” or “sarcastic”) or something, when I’m clearly not, which will help my sales and cause me to hugely resent my audience. (Wishful thinking, like anyone would even read such a thing.)
(2) Frank Kogan doesn’t want to write the book (yet). (I checked.)
(3) I’m not sure what I’m trying to say yet, but I know it’s important.
(4) It’s an excellent album <—woops, should be #1!
(5) I still don’t get it.

I don’t get this album at all.

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Jul 09

Surely you have time for the third best album of the last decade, don&#8217;t you?

Surely you have time for the third best album of the last decade, don’t you?

Jul 04


Jun 30

Half-year Top Ten

Quick listen to Stromae’s album, which I was certain I heard in 2013 but almost certainly didn’t, and hemming/hawing inadequate placement of Miranda Lambert’s album, which I haven’t digested yet [ETA: After spending all day listening to it, I’m pretty sure ML is going to end up as my AOTY so far, but need more time with it], gets me crawling to 10:

  1. Angel Olsen: Burn Your Fire for No Witness
  2. YG: My Krazy Life
  3. Cibo Matto: Hotel Valentine
  4. Miranda Lambert: Platinum
  5. Duck Sauce: Quack
  6. Stromae: Racine Carree
  7. Apollo Brown: Thirty Eight
  8. After School: Dress to Kill
  9. Nick Cannon: White People Party Music
  10. Lily Allen: Sheezus

And under the cut I copied Alfred Soto and listed my top 44 albums since 2010.

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